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How To Install Nik Collection for Affinity Photo

Google’s Nik Collection was a collection of photo editing plugins that run the gamut from monochrome conversion to instant filters you can apply to your images.

And the best part? They are now free.

The catch? They were designed primarily for Adobe Photoshop… so you need a couple of extra steps before you can install them.

And… not all the plugins work, unfortunately.

We’ve got you covered on both counts, of course 😀

Check out our video on how to get the Nik plugins working in Affinity Photo:

And then ride along as we figure out which ones work, and which one’s don’t.


Want to learn how to use Affinity Photo better?

Want to learn how to use Affinity Photo better?

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  1. John Tweddell

    When I try to run the pluins they ask me to buy or trial. I have tried twice and gat the same issue evry time. any thoughts?

  2. I have downloaded the latest Nik Collection from Google’s website and have installed it as described in this video. However, I always get a [Purchase] or [Demo] button whenever I launch the filters. Note: I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo on a Macbook Pro running the latest version of El Capitan.

    • Desmond

      It seems like you’re not the only one having issues. It’s possible that the June update could have caused some problems.

      I haven’t used Nik in a while so I’ll have to dig into it and see if there’s a solution.

  3. Thanks, it works great ! However, the difference between photoshop and affinity, it’s necessary to create manually the layer. Cos when you use the plugin, it doesn’t create automatically a new layer. This is the only problem.

  4. iAnonGuy

    Same issue on macOS High Sierra. The Plug-Ins now ask you to Buy or Demo them. Viveza doesn’t even launch after licking Demo, in fact. The others probably do something similar…

    Still works properly on Windows 10 Pro with PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate x64. Not sure why they didn’t just embed a valid serial number in the installer.

  5. Hauke

    With Affinity Photo 1.6.7 (macOS 10.13) I could use all NIK plugins, but Viveza 2 has a false preview. Used standalone, even this works fine for me.

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