You might have noticed that we have a liking for the look of film here at APT!

And the only other thing we love more than a nice film toning effect is one that we can do FAST.

After re-watching the Kodachrome Ducks  tutorial video again, I really wanted to come up with something a bit quicker to do, so I messed around with in the Develop Persona and came up with two great “retro” looks that you can do.

They take no more than a few minutes, and look fabulous! And you do it directly in the Develop Persona where you’re going to developing your raw files anyway (you ARE shooting in raw, right?)

They’re very similar, so I’ve thrown them together in one video.

The first has the look of an old printed photo where the pigments have faded and you get that magenta-tinged look all over. Very film-ey.

The second is warm toned effect that recalls Kodachrome and other films that emphasised the warm, summer feeling in any image. That’s mostly film makers tuned the chemistry of their films so that they would render skin tones nicely.

Either way, you definitely want to run through the tutorial because you can learn to use the toning tools in Affinity Photo to create particular effects, and eventually create your own.

So jump right to it!

Want to learn how to use Affinity Photo better?

Want to learn how to use Affinity Photo better?

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